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The leading white-label personal cloud solution

Funambol OneMediaHub is the leading white-label personal cloud solution.

Securing your rich media, files and data
Syncing this content and data in a smart way
Sharing this via email, social networks & more
Integrating with diverse devices

How does it work?

Your phone's pictures, videos and other content auto-upload over wifi (or cellular too) to your personal cloud. A cross device approach for a no limit syncing.

Sharing is simple

Just select items and the method. It's done via the cloud, making it fast & minimizing bandwidth & battery

Web browser access

A web browser provides full access to your digital life. A home page shows recent content, other pages auto-organize your stuff.

Tablets, TVs and other devices

On tablets, and TVs the app uses larger displays to show more of your digital life, to help you enjoy it even more.

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